What is Trove?

Trove is a sporadic newsletter of backlist* book treasures, from booksellers Cristina Rodriguez and Emma Ramadan. Trove seeks to dig deep into the overlooked books of years past as a counterpoint to the relentless emphasis on the new and bestselling books that cycle through each season.

*back·list : a publisher's list of older books still in print | “backlist titles”

Trove newsletters include brief explorations of profound, enduring, and undersung books, and the occasional book advice column for good measure.

You can follow us on Instagram or Twitter for more updates and book content, or if you’d like to drop us a love note (or confess a book-related secret), email us at hellotrovebooks@gmail.com.


Trove is a monthly newsletter of backlist book treasures, from two booksellers based in the US.